The WaxRoom
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The WaxRoom - Virtual Vinyl

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The WaxRoom - Virtual Vinyl Virtual Vinyl is a 15 track album presented on a grooved black CD, each one having been lovingly assembled by the band, and the hand-stamped label makes each one unique.

The songs represent an eclectic selection of favourites from the band's live set, from the jaunty pop of "Sunbear" and "She's in Love", through the delicate, considered beauty of "Drown" and "Listen", to the two minute noise-pop blasts of "Who Said" and "Do Do Do". Set alongside these are grungier numbers like "Abstinence" and the krautrock chug of "Weave", the folky swing of audience favourite "Two Steps" and the chiming, widescreen spaceflight/lovesong "Nebula".

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